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A New Chapter...

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

This is what I wrote for my 1st ever 'Writing Workshop' for Build a Scene:

I was late coming into the group; I am never usually late but taking a wrong turn through the Botanic Gardens was not a great way to start. The lush greenery did not help soothe my anxiety of running late. In fact it just played on the fact that I should be somewhere enjoying and relaxing myself instead of running through a park for the wrong reasons.

Anyway as I joined in the session, they were already halfway through the first exercise. Everyone looked earnest and serious as they had their noses to their papers. As for me? I just needed a drink! The smell of freshly brewed coffee was the all the bait I needed to get me one.

As I joined in the exercise a sense of relief and happiness came over me. Feeling a pencil again in my hand after so long was like having a long lost friend come back to you. And making that first lovely mark on paper was like magic.

Welcome to my rediscovered world of actually making art and also new friends who have the same interests as myself. Couldn't ask for more.


Looking back, being in the little sandwich shop and cafe was the kick in the butt I needed to start my art journey again. Because of that 1st pain of running through the park, it made me realise what lengths I would go through for the sake of my art.

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